HEADLINE: Siling Labuyo P1000/kg sa wet market

Ka-Juan Nation, mahilig ka ba sa maanghang?

Malamang nakita mo na sa facebook ang kaliwat-kanang post about inflation rising to 6.4% compared to other months and years.

I'm not here to comment about the government o kung ano man kasi madami na nun sa social media di na ko dadagdag.

Kung mahilig ka sa maanghang?

Nagpanic ka ba nung nabalitaan mo ito?

Ako hindi, dahil bukod sa may tanim akong sili 🙂 haha, the reason that I invest in the Philippine Stock Market is to protect my asset and invest in the long term.

The inflation report for August 2018 is 6.4%

This is expected since last year.

The BSP projected the range from 2%-4%. Mas mataas nga siya from the projection.

Optimist akong tao, I want the country to progress. I want the best for our country.

Inflation is up meaning mas expensive ang lahat ng bagay sa mas maraming tao.

For some, hindi siya hurtful especially for people who have a lot of excess.

But to those barely making it each month is a challenge.

If you are investing in the stock market what do you do?

Sabi ni Rex Mendoza sa isang vlog,

"Life goes on.
You are in the market for a reason, you have a goal.
The market includes times like these.
You have to weather the storm and focus on what you want to accomplish."

Good Stocks are Good Stocks.

The market is not a straight line.

Focus on why are you doing this and stick to your guts.

The 6.4% is a hurdle to beat.

"People who will win are people who know how to be resilient in times like this.

People who will win will NOT JUST COMPLAIN but they WILL DO THEIR BEST ON WORK in order for them to live their life at their own terms." - Marvin Germo

Leave in the comment below. What are the tipid tips you are doing while inflation is up?

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