This is it. You have opened and funded your trading account. (if hindi pa - download this FREE guide)

Ito na yung most exciting yet challenging part of your investing journey.

Kaso may problema ka pang haharapin.

Wag kang mag-alala. Leave the problem solving to me.

By this time, you’ve been reseaching siguro how to buy your first stock and which stock to buy.

  • Pag log-in mo sa trading account, na-overwhelm ka siguro sa dami ng menus and numbers you see on your screen.
  • Nasabi mo tuloy sa sarili mo, “iniiwasan ko nga math, bat ko pa ba pinasok to.”
  • Ang dali ma-discourage at ma-confuse sa dami ng buttons.
  • But don’t you worry, I created a simple tutorial you can follow so you start buying your first stock.  
  • Second problem is not knowing exactly what stocks to buy.
  • Napakadami naman palang publicly listed companies.
  • There are more than 200 stocks currently you can choose from, which one will make you money down the road? Again, don’t worry, may tutorial din para diyan.

Let’s solve the first problem.

Disclaimer: Tutorial below is only when market is open. Para di ka ma-overwhelm masyado. Dun muna tayo sa basic. Yung makapagstart ka lang. Kasi time is money sa investment na pinili natin.

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