First..thanks for the effort  and for sharing your wealth of wisdom, insight and experience in this subject.

I applaud your display of virtue and the kindness of your heart in helping folks in the internet in their quest of financial security.

May God bless you and everyone who reads this.

What you outlined is true, one can easily get lost in the vastness of online articles available out there and madali ma overwhelm..parang preschooler ka lang na tatawid ng kalsada..kakatakot.

Thanks much and more power. Cheers.

Michael David Aguilas

BPO Associate/Small Businessman


I am looking forward to all your emails because I can sense that you are real and genuine. 

You engage us into useful stuff and not just selling things.

Keep it up. I am a fan of yours.

Jethro Sas

/Founder www.jethrosas.com


I consulted people who can help me save better.

She gave me examples how to save.

It made sense. Kaya pala!

May notebook naman ako kasi dati naginagamit sa budgeting. Pero nobody showed me how or the bigger picture. 

Now I have new goals that I want to reach.

Marlon Ilagan
BPO Supervisor/Breadwinner


Magandang investment vehicle ang stock market.

A lot of people hope they make money from it.

Pero hope is not an investment strategy.

So, I’ll be giving you 5 tips for beginners investing in the stock market.


inflation rate philippines 2018

HEADLINE: Siling Labuyo P1000/kg

Ka-Juan Nation, mahilig ka ba sa maanghang?

Malamang nakita mo na sa facebook ang kaliwat-kanang post about inflation rising to 6.4% compared to other months and years.


stock market? how does it work?

How does it really work?

I can’t understand.

Help me.

Let me show you how the stock market works in a way a kid will understand.

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